Hybrid Donations

Many families believe that a memorial service or open casket viewing is not possible with donation. Often times, families feel forced to choose between an expensive funeral and making a charitable donation for medical research and education. We recognize that challenge for donors and their families.

We at Aeternitas Life are able to offer a unique hybrid donation program that combines the selfless gift of anatomical donation, with the closure and celebration of life that is made possible by a memorial service or open casket viewing. Hybrid donations provide donor families with a meaningful alternative to a traditional funeral or cremation, which may cost upwards of several thousand dollars. Additionally, donor families can arrange for a memorial or scattering service with partial cremated remains once the donation has been completed.

Brain Preservation

The way that scientists preserve the brain for research has not changed since the 1950s. Better brain banking technology is very valuable to medicine, it helps us better understand diseases of the brain in ways that were never thought possible. We encourage donors and their families who are passionate about medical science and want to be part of the “final frontier” in brain research to pre-register for brain preservation.

When an individual approaches their final day of life, the hospice provider, next of kin or appropriate legal parties must notify Aeternitas Life. Please contact us at least 24 to 72 hours before death at 844-330-7040. We will make all arrangements for our team to arrive and standby near the place of death at no expense to the family. In the event of a sudden death, where advance notice cannot be provided, brain preservation may not be possible. Our company can provide bereavement resources for grieving and closure, including a viewing or memorial as soon as 48 hours after the brain preservation is completed.

What if you could help a scientist cure brain disease? You can! Discover how brain donation is advancing brain science.

Veteran Benefits

We honor the service and sacrifice of veterans and their families. We work with veteran donors and their families to facilitate donation for advancing medical research and education. Our veteran donors and their loved ones may be entitled to several no cost memorial benefits provided by the National Cemetery Administration.

We will work with veteran families to coordinate arrangement of the entitled no cost memorial benefits with Willamette National Cemetery. To learn more about veteran benefits, or to coordinate benefits with a different cemetery, please visit the National Cemetery Administration.


DNA Preservation

We are the only non-transplant donation center that offers a DNA preservation service for donors and their families, including individuals who do not meet the criteria for anatomical donation. Anyone can register for DNA preservation, which is offered as a supplemental service. To learn more about DNA preservation, please visit our FAQs page.

Our service offers an affordable way for families to create a lasting memorial keepsake of their loved one, and to celebrate life in its purest form. In addition to ashes, hair or other traditional keepsake items, DNA preservation is a great option for families who are looking for a meaningful way to memorialize and remember their loved one.

Affordable Eco-Cremation

We at Aeternitas Life are committed to ensuring the selfless gift and wishes of all prospective donors and their families are realized to the fullest extent possible. In most cases, body donation is possible. However, in some cases we are unable to accept a registration for donation due to certain medical conditions or other circumstances present at the time of death. To learn more about our donation criteria, please visit our FAQs page.

We will arrange for transportation, cremation and death certificate processing through an independent, licensed first call provider based in the Portland Metropolitan Area. Our service provides families with an affordable alternative to a traditional funeral or cremation, which may cost upwards of several thousand dollars.

Social Security Survivor Benefits

Many families may not be aware that Social Security can provide death benefits to survivors of eligible workers. You and your family may be eligible for survivor benefits based on the earnings of a worker who has passed away. The loved one must have worked long enough to qualify for benefits.

We will work to notify Social Security that a death has occurred as part of our process to file and return a death certificate at no cost to the family. However, the eligible survivors will need to contact Social Security directly to check eligibility for survivor benefits. To learn more, please visit Social Security Survivor Benefits or contact your local Social Security office.


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