Our Mission

Leave A Lasting Legacy

You can promise to make a difference in the lives of countless individuals across the world, with the peace of mind that your donation will contribute to important advances in medical research and education.

Whole body donation is a meaningful alternative to a traditional funeral or cremation, which may cost upwards of several thousand dollars, according to Parting.com.

Our company maintains an in-house staff of medical professionals, who are trained to work with donors and their families through every step of the donation process. Our representatives are here to address your individual needs and concerns twenty-four hours a day.

If you are a prospective donor, or would like to make a donation on behalf of a decedent, please contact us at 1-844-330-7040, in order to obtain additional information regarding our donation program. For more information regarding whole body donation and our services, please visit our FAQs page. 

Advancing Medical Science

We are a company that facilitates medical breakthroughs through the exploration of the human body.

Our company is able to conduct this work through the charitable donations of hundreds of donors each year, whose anatomical gifts provide scientists and physicians with the resources necessary to advance medical science.

Whole body donors form an essential part of the modern healthcare system. Their anatomical gifts contribute to breakthroughs in fighting disease, healing injuries, and training the next generation of medical professionals. Everything your physician knows about treating the diseases and injuries that affect you is owed to the generosity of anatomical donors, who made a lasting commitment to enhance the quality of life of future generations.

Because of anatomical donations, researchers and educators have been able to develop better techniques to combat the limitations that afflict human beings today. These innovations include: organoid development, cancer and HIV  research, reconstructive surgery, brain and spinal injury treatments, neurological advancements, medical implant development, and much more.

Our Commitment To Excellence

Our focus on improving the health and wellness of all human beings is the principle that guides our work day to day. Everything we do is done with the highest level of integrity and respect for our donors. Each donation is conducted with absolute care and safety as our top priority, ensuring the dignity, efficacy and lasting impact of the anatomical gifts entrusted to us.

For grief and bereavement support, we strongly recommend the following reputable organizations: Open to Hope, Association for Death Education and Counseling, and National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

Cures Start Here

We strongly believe that the development and distribution of advanced health technologies can only be made possible through applied research. That’s why we maintain stringent laboratory testing and quality controls, ensuring that educators receive the safest anatomical gifts available.

Our ongoing commitment to advancing the progress of medical science represents the core of our company values. Through our services, anatomical donors are able to have a positive impact on the quality of life of future generations, leaving a legacy that lasts forever.

If you are an educator or researcher, please contact us in order to obtain additional information regarding our educator services. For more information regarding our services, please visit our Services page.