Who We Are

Technology Enhances Life

We at Aeternitas Life are committed to applying science and technology to improving the health and well-being of all human beings. We are dedicating to providing ethical, compassionate service to donors and their families throughout the donation process.

Our company connects donors to qualified research and education institutions for the purpose of advancing the design of medical implants, therapies and surgical technologies. We do this by recovering the anatomical gifts entrusted to us by our donors, who have selflessly committed to advancing the progress of medical science.

All of our work is done in strict compliance with federal and state regulations, including the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and all industry standards. Our company is a freestanding organization licensed by the Oregon Health Authority.

Help Us Build A Better Future

Many universities and educational institutions lack the funds to adequately teach and promote discovery in the fields of science and medicine. The study of human anatomy is particularly affected. Many schools do not have the resources to utilize cadavers or anatomical gifts in their teaching programs, and poor substitutes like synthetic or digital models are prohibitively expensive. To help alleviate this disparity, Aeternitas Life actively provides tissues and organs to schools in need of anatomical gifts.

Our mission is to provide every university in need with the resources necessary to inspire the next generation of scientists, doctors and educators. Through our work, we aim to encourage and motivate students to explore careers in science and medicine.

This important work is only made possible through the contributions of charitable individuals. To register as a donor, please visit our Services page. 

Transforming the Human Condition

No one should ever be forced to sacrifice their quality of life to a disease or disability. That’s why we work every day to ensure the gifts of our donors contribute to discoveries that treat and eliminate the illnesses faced by human beings worldwide. Everything we do is for the advancement of a free and limitless humanity.

We have a profound respect for every person who takes action to improve the lives of those around them. Tissue and organ donations depend on the pledges of charitable individuals who strive to better the world they leave behind. There is no greater act of kindness than that of becoming a whole body donor. In line with our driving philosophy, the company chooses to donate to organizations dedicated to eliminating involuntary suffering across the world.